Relaxation is Medicine

Relaxation is Medicine

Relaxation is Medicine :

My name is Domenika Radonich and I am hopelessly fascinated with the human body. I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2002 and have been practicing massage professionally since 2003 in a variety of clinical and wellness settings. In 2011 I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s of General Science with a heavy focus on human health sciences including Anatomy and Physiology with full cadaver lab.

Since I started my career in healing touch, almost two decades ago now, I have worked alongside healers of all stripes- chiropractors, primary care providers, oncologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, physical therapists, coaches, trainers, talk therapists, reiki masters, and on and on. It has been one of my proudest achievements to work alongside so many wonderful care givers over the years and to learn from some of the most compassionate minds on the planet. 

My interest in human health has been life long. At the ripe age of 5 I was obsessed with epidemiology- I wanted to be a disease detective, and I would happily tell anyone who would listen all about the science of disease transmission. As an older kid I assumed I would become a doctor. As a freshly minted adult I wanted some hands on experience in healing that was literally hands-on. I wanted a job with flexible hours and good pay, so I could continue to go to school. That decision helped put me through college as a premedical major, but by the time my studies were complete I was as enchanted with manual therapy as I was disenchanted with the medical education model. 

So I tarried on, providing healing support to hundreds (maybe closer to thousands? I’ve done a lot of big crowds and events!) of people of the years, with little more than my own hands. When I stop and think about what my hands have been through over my lifetime, I get teary eyed. Gratitude is a paltry word for how I feel about my hands. I wish I was half as knowledgable as my hands. My hands can find pain in a body in seconds and on a good day provide relief within minutes. In an era where technology has replaced so much human connection here I am physically TOUCHING people for a living- what a juxtaposition. 

Now for the plot twist- In 2019 I suffered a complicated neck injury (which you can read about in another post more fully) and stepped away from direct client care. It was a very difficult decision and it led me down some twisty turny places in my heart. What all this mess showed me, however, is brilliant- I need to teach you what I know! It seems so obvious now that if I give you my knowledge and wisdom and mentorship you can touch and teach many more people than I will ever be able to help personally. 

This website is meant to serve as a hub for that learning and your curiosity and questions are encouraged. On this site you will find snippets of continuing education classes I am teaching, reading recommendations, event calendars, and social media community all related to health and the business of bodywork. 

Relaxation is Medicine, and the Science of Relaxation intrigues me to no end. I look forward to sharing more with you and hearing more from you. Be well!